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Genital & Breast Areas

If your little boy has had a circumcision, each time you change his diaper apply Vaseline to the circumcised area. Call me if you see any swelling or bleeding. If your baby hasn’t been circumcised, don’t pull the foreskin of the penis back until after his first office. The tip of the penis (glans) of newborn boys is generally red at first and sometimes has thin yellow crusts in spots. The skin looks more normal in 2 to 3 weeks.

Many newborn girls have a whitish discharge from the vagina. This is normal and no cause for worry. Just clean the area with a cotton ball soaked in sterile water.

A thin discharge from the nipples is seen in some babies, both male and female. They may have enlarged or swollen breasts. No treatment is necessary, since the condition will go away by itself. However, if you notice any redness of the swollen areas, notify the office.

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