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Our practice, Meadowbrook Pediatrics, P.C., has received the recognition of being a Patient Centered Medical Home.  Patient Centered Medical Home refers to a partnership between the practitioner, patient, and their family.  We therefore want to be involved in all aspects of your child’s care.  Care must be comprehensive, coordinated, and accessible.

Comprehensive and coordinated care involves treating all aspects of our patients’ medical needs including prevention, mental health, behavior, and illness.  As a medical home, we will try to coordinate care between other providers whenever possible.  We prefer therefore that you give us a call, during and after hours, before seeking care at an outside institution such as an emergency room or urgent care center whenever possible.  We can easily be reached at our main office number 215-947-1447 during and after hours.  During regular business hours, our clinical staff and/or a provider will answer your questions or concerns appropriately.  We will make available same day sick appointments so your child may not have to go to an outside institution for acute care.  If your child needs further care, we will coordinate that care, for example, with an emergency physician so that the physician has all the medical information necessary to treat your child. After regular business hours, your acute medical concerns can be discussed with a physician or nurse triage center by calling the same number.  Appropriate care and advice can then be given until the office opens in the morning.  

We will also coordinate care with a specialist when needed. We will provide you with specialist names, phone numbers, and addresses. This allows us to refer you to a specialist we know and trust. We will help to coordinate your child’s care by providing necessary information to the specialist to ensure that the best quality care can be given.  We expect the specialist to provide us with his/her assessment and plan. Therefore, we will inquire at regular visits if your child has received care outside of our medical home.  This will allow us to have a complete, comprehensive picture of your child.  If we do not have a record of the outside encounter, we will obtain it and incorporate it into the chart.  This is necessary for us to coordinate your child’s care across multiple settings whenever possible.

Medical Home

As your child’s medical home, we want to be involved in all aspects of your child’s care.  This also includes behavioral health needs as well.  We can educate you on a variety of behavior management techniques but if necessary, we may refer to a behavior specialist such as a psychologist.  We will screen for postpartum depression in new mothers and for depression in all patients aged 11 years and over.  We will address any concerns and refer to local psychologists/psychiatrists as needed.  We want to help you by providing you with the tools needed to raise healthy children.  We can provide information about wellness, behavior, mental health, and illness.  This information can be obtained in the office, on our website or via our patient portal.  We feel it is important for our patients to take an active role in the management of their health while we work together to provide the best quality, evidence based care for their children.

It is the policy of Meadowbrook Pediatrics to provide care equally to anyone seeking care in our practice regardless of financial status.  We can and will work with our patients who may be struggling financially and provide information about obtaining health insurance coverage if needed.  Please feel free to discuss with our office manager or billing coordinator.

If you are transferring to Meadowbrook Pediatrics from another practice and need to obtain your medical records from your previous physician, please ask any of our front desk receptionists or Medical Assistants for the appropriate form to be completed.  We will gladly call your former practice and request your records and fax a signed Release of Information so that we may receive your records.

We enjoy taking care of our young patients from birth through adolescence.  We hope to build a partnership with our patients built on honesty, trust, and respect.  It is through this relationship that we can create an office that you feel is your medical home.

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