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Our patient portal allows you to view your child's drug allergies, medications, growth charts, vaccines (including a forecast of upcoming shots), request a medication refill or pay your bill online!  We will also send some forms and documents to the portal for your convenience.

Click the green button to get started!

Register for the new patient portal

As of February 2021 we have transitioned to a new patient portal.

Before using the portal for the first time you will need to register using a PIN obtained from our office.  If you do not have a PIN please call us or email us and we will email you a pin and instructions.

To register for our new patient portal if you have a PIN please use these instructions.

To add another patient after registration, you will need to have their pin numbers. Log into your portal account then select the "Add Child/Dependent" option under "My Account" on the top right of the page. 

If you are a patient that is 18 years old or older no one, including your parents, will be able to view your portal account without your permission.  If you decide to give someone else permission, they will be called a proxy on your portal account.  If you want to give anyone permission use these instructions.

Using the new portal

To edit your account information, go to “My Chart” on the left panel and select “Summary”. From here there is an “edit” button that will allow changes.


If you need assistance requesting immunization certificates, school physical forms, or school medication forms, please use these instructions.

You can also download an app so you can utilize the portal on your phone or tablet.  Please use these instructions.

If you are still not able to find what you need please call us or email us for assistance.

Instructions for registration

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