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Patient Feedback

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of your child's pediatric care, we would like you to participate in a brief questionnaire. Please answer the following questions regarding your child's recent visit to Meadowbrook Pediatrics.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Do you feel that you can schedule an appointment at Meadowbrook Pediatrics within an accpetable time frame?

How easy was it for you to schedule an in office appointment or a Telemedicine visit?

Do you feel that you can reach someone in the office and get information when you have questions or concerns?

Were your calls answered in a reasonable amount of time?

During the visit (in office or Telemedicine), did the provider explain details about your child's illness, any related procedure and medications in a way that you could understand? 

Do you feel confident providing the recommended care for your child after your visit?

In general, do you feel that you receive lab results, imaging result and information about changes to medications in a timely manner?

If you have any other comments about your experience in our office, please include them below.

Thanks for your feedback!

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