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Mother and Daughter

To help stay connected in this time of social distancing we are excited to announce that we now offer telemedicine visits which allow you to speak face-to-face with a provider without having to come in to the office. 


If you would like to have the opportunity to receive our high-quality and caring medical care from the comfort of your own home, please print, sign and return the Consent for Telemedicine by clicking the button on the right of this screen.


If you have scheduled a Telemedicine appointment with a provider, please click on their name below to be connected to them via our secure web-partner

If you would like to send us an email prior to your visit, please send to

What our patients are saying:

Great [way] to assess what we needed.

This is a troubling time and it's great to know that the pediatricians are still available to help our children.

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