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Ways that tiny babies can communicate are limited. Crying is one of them. Crying is how your baby makes his needs known and his displeasure felt. As you’ll soon find out if this is your first baby, most parents quickly learn to identify whether their baby is crying form hunger, restlessness, pain, anger, or some other reason. Many babies go through unexplainable fussy periods each day as they adjust to living in the world. Don’t worry about spoiling a tiny baby by pampering him. He needs to know you’re there to meet his needs.

There are number of things you can do to comfort your baby:



If all else fails, just let him cry. He may need to let off steam. Often babies fall asleep after a good cry – so allow him up to 20 minutes on his own.

  1. Give the baby something to suck, such as a pacifier.

  2. Lengthen feeding times.

  3. Give the baby more physical contact and movement (walk, rock or pat him).

  4. Take the baby for a stroller ride or car ride.

  5. “Bundle” the baby (wrap him snugly in a blanket) or raise the temperature in his room a little if you think it’s too cool.

  6. Change his position. For example, move him from his back to his stomach or vice versa.

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