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It’s normal for newborn babies to have white dandruff-like flakes on their scalps. The flakes are old skin being shed and not a dry scalp condition. So, don’t use oils lotions or Vaseline. They “paste” these flakes on the scalp and make the condition worse.

Thick yellowish scales are called cradle cap, a very common condition in infants. It, too is associated with old, dead skin, and is only made worse by oils, lotions, and so on. Washing may not help much. You can treat cradle cap by removing the scales with a soft brush.

The soft spot on your baby’s head (fontanelle) is an area where the skull bones haven’t yet joined. The soft spot is covered by tick, tough tissue that protects the brain tissue underneath, so you needn’t worry about hurting it. If you sometimes notice pulsating of the soft spot, this normal. You may also see small lumps, bumps and irregularities. These are normal too.


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